Soul Revealing @ Art Jamming

I had an indulgent play-date with SIX other women on Friday night!

In a cosy studio and amidst soulful jazz music, helped by intoxicating South African wine, tantalizing female company and witty conversations, our senses were seduced and creative juices aroused to the core of our being.  

Now before your thoughts bring you to any X-rated places, let me assure you we were unsullied and chaste-ish. (Well, some of the banter WERE deliciously sexy and you know where the thoughts of these women were!

Art Jamming at My Art SpaceWe were at an Art Jamming session organized by our dear friend, Peggy Kuo, held at the newly opened My Art Space. It was a mesmerizing atmosphere where our physical being were guided by the spirit within. Answers to emotional queries were found, secret desires were unconsciously expressed and thoughts that inspire us were irrevocably captured.

On canvas, that is.

The Art Jamming session is a 2-hour affair, where you get together with friends or like-minded souls to channel your inner Picasso or Goya.

We paid the promotional price of $59 each (usual price is $80), and received a new 20×24 inch canvas and a glass of wine to start off.  All other art materials (apron, easels, wet painting carriers, unlimited acrylic paints and brushes) are provided by the studio; all you have to bring is your imagination and creative spirit.

If you wish to bring your own wine, they charge a reasonable corkage fee of $15 per bottle. Glasses are available upon requests from their Art Palates Cafe, which also caters pizza and bite-sized meals to tide over any hunger pangs before or after the art sessions. 

Seats are limited at the studios due to classes and event bookings, so it is advisable to book your sessions in advance. 

Between our “artistic pursuits”, we had a genuinely good time connecting with old friends, making new ones; sharing work tips and networking for future business opportunities. If you’re looking for an activity to see your friends in a different light or get to know your colleagues better, art jamming is an excellent opportunity to help you achieve these goals.

If music feeds the soul, then at art jamming, it is the expression of the soul. As the seven masterpieces materialize on canvas, it became apparent that each of us had a concern, yearning or message to convey onto canvas! Even if these concerns, yearnings or messages were not in our immediate consciousness, it was definitely brought to our awareness at the end of our session. Let me share a couple of them with you.

Art Jamming at My Art Space

Aptly named Balance, Andrea was inspired by the balance of the buildings and their reflections in the waterfront along Marina Bay Sands that she sees in her daily run, that brought her a sense of calm and serenity.

Art Jamming My Art Space

Farhana had recently been painting trees with her two children, and was inspired to do one herself. She even channelled her inner child by adding the cute white hole in the tree trunk.

Other art pieces included a romance-inspired piece and a mother’s reminder to let her children be children.

Art Jamming at My Art SpaceArt Jamming

Or abstract pieces like these:

Art Jamming SingaporeArt Jamming Singapore

Located in the heart of town, My Art Space also offers Art Introductory Workshop, Art Exploration classes and other Art events.

Art Jamming My Art Space

Image courtesy of My Art Space

My Art Space is in the park opposite The Istana, between Park Mall and Plaza Singapura (address: 31 Orchard Road, Istana Park, Singapore 23888).  Their opening hours are 11am to 8pm (Mon – Fri); and 2pm – 5pm (Sat & Sun).

My Art Space is closed on Wed and Public Holidays.

For more information on their art programs, contact them at 6222-1662 or email them at All prices quoted above are in Singapore dollars.


  1. Rina · · Reply

    Sounds like a LOT of fun!

    1. Yes, it was!! A great way to bond with the girls and meet new friends…

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