Lee Kwan Yew Is Dead?

Hey! Did you hear the news? Lee Kwan Yew (LKY) is dead!


In the past couple of weeks, rumours of our eminent leader’s death have been rife in the Singapore social media and in the heartlands.  But are these rumours real?

Whoever started such rumours (PAP? opposition parties?) and for whatever reasons (to jazz up the upcoming National Day Celebrations?),  it is really in poor taste.  Especially about a man who commands such controversial opinions.

Like the popular cartoon “Where is Wally?”, we are all wondering “Where is LKY?”

According to tweets by SPH political journalist Tessa Wong, LKY is still very much alive and in good health.  See tweets below.

Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew always make an appearance at the National Day Parade.  I suppose we’ll find out tonight if he’s alive and well or otherwise. The mystery of his living status will surely add a thrilling dimension to the typical song and dance number of this annual celebration.

And the back-lashing of our Singapore Politics is very much alive and well (even in the absence of any election).

Long Live Singapore!

Happy National Day, Singaporeans!


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