Petition: Puppies And Kittens Used As Shark Bait


I LOVE sharks’ fins soup. Period. No amount of persuasion from sharks advocates will prevent me from consuming my occasional Sharks Fin soup. Except this petition!

I am deeply appalled, angered and saddened that human beings can inflict such deliberate cruel treatment on animals.  Such cruelty to animals need a strong collective voice and I’ll like to support whoever started this cause to stop the cruelty.

Over the last weeks, some of you may have been received this appeal on your Facebook link to petition against using live puppies and kittens as Shark bait in the French islands. Their goal was to have 300,000 signatures on their petition. As of press time, 302, 110 petitioners have signed the petition.

If you have already done so, kudos and great thanks to you.  But if you have not, please head over to this link: PETITION: Please help stop French Islanders using live dogs and kittens as shark bait and sign on.

Let’s speak up for those who cannot!

Live Puppies and Kittens used as Shark Bait.

This puppy was found with this horrible hook pierced through his face. Please help stop this!



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