Theme Parks: LEGOLAND Malaysia Opens

LEGOLAND® Malaysia opens officially today! The first international theme park in Malaysia, LEGOLAND® Malaysia is also the first of its kind in Asia. 

LEGOLAND® Malaysia

The sixth in the world, LEGOLAND® Malaysia sits on 510 000 metre square area (or 76 acres) of land. It features SEVEN themed areas featuring over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions which you can drive, fly, build and climb your way through.  The theme park targets families with kids aged 2 to 11 years old. There is something for everyone in LEGOLAND®!

Family Attraction in Asia

Park Map of LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Be sure to visit LEGO® City where you can drive and get your own driver’s license after completing the driving test at the driving school. Stop by the MINILAND to admire models of amazing landmarks like the Petronas Tower or the Taj Mahal built from Lego bricks and see the world from Gulliver’s perspective.

Then make your way to the LAND OF ADVENTURE and get ready to fire laser blasters at targets and brave the ancient Egyptian-themed landscape. Head down to Studio 4D in IMAGINATION guides your creative hands – build and play with the Lego bricks.

For the more adventurous, conquer The Dragon coaster, romp through the hideaway and ride astride the Royal Joust at LEGO® Kingdom, then brave yourself for the exhilarating rides at LEGO® Technic!

Family Attraction in Asia

DUPLO® Playtown in LEGOLAND® Malaysia for the younger kids.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia - Family Attraction in Asia

Ride a classic medieval contest in the saddle of a LEGO® horse at LEGO® Kingdom. Minimum age to ride is 4 years old.

Family Attraction LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Ride the thrilling wave surf at LEGO® Technic. Minimum age to ride is 8 years old (130cm). Younger kids (up to 6 years old or 100 -119cm) must be accompanied by adults.

LEGOLAND® Family Attraction in Asia

LEGOLAND® Malaysia – Be prepared for a thrilling ride down the peak of a forgotten volcano. Minimum age to ride is 8 years old (130cm). Younger kids (up to 4 years old or 120 -129cm) must be accompanied by adults.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia - Family Attraction in Asia

Racy, crazy and 18 metres high: Project X is a wild ride on a steep switchback track. Minimum age to ride is 6 years old (120cm). Younger kids (up to 4 years old or 110 -119cm) must be accompanied by adults.

LEGOLAND® Malaysia is located in Nusajaya, Johor near the Iskandar Development Region. It is an easy ten-minutes drive from Singapore’s Tuas Second Link (exit at Nusajaya exit 312).

Before you leave the theme park, pop into the LEGO® Shop for the largest selection of LEGO® toy sets and LEGOLAND® souvenirs. The waterpark and the hotel for LEGOLAND® Malaysia are slated to open in 2013 or 2014.

Click HERE to get your tickets and plan your trip to LEGOLAND® Malaysia.

Merlin Entertainments Group, the company behind LEGOLAND® has expansion plans to open more LEGOLAND®parks in Asia (Dubai, Japan and South Korea) over the next few fears. Also, check out the other five LEGOLAND® Parks located in DenmarkUnited KingdomCaliforniaGermany and Florida.


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