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Princess Trail To Catch Will and Kate

It all started with this conversation. Me: Do you know there is a prince and princess in town? My 5-year-old munchkin: Really? Is the princess pretty? Me: Very. Munchkin: Is she smart? Me: Very. Munchkin: Is she real? Me: Yes. Munchkin: Can I go see her now? I thought for a moment. Why NOT? Let’s be a […]

British Royalties Prince William and Duchess Kate in Singapore

A Royal Date With Will and Kate

Hear ye! Hear ye! British Royalties Prince William and Duchess Kate are here in Singapore!  Prince William and his wife, the Duchess Kate, will spend eight days touring the Asia Pacific region as part of the Diamond Jubilee World Tour to celebrate the Queen’s 60-year reign. The first stop for the royal couple is Singapore […]

Grooming Personalities And Stars

Who says Singapore kids have NO talent? In the past TWO months, kids from Kids Performing (KP) have snagged prominent roles in an international award-winning musical, a 13-part Mandarin serial on Channel 8, a television program on Mediacorp Channel, Okto and features in the upcoming National Day Parade 2012 video directed by award-winning local celebrity […]

Singapore Schools Social Change Initiation

How Can You Inspire Your Kids To Think?

Half of what your kids learn in the first 2 years of college will be outdated by the time they graduate,” said Education Reformer, Kiran Bir Sethi! The top 10 most demanded jobs that we are preparing our children for today may not even exist by the time our kids are ready to join the […]

Actress Emma Yong

Emma Yong – Another Talented Star Died Too Young

I woke up this morning to the shocking news of Emma Yong’s passing. An established and talented Singaporean actress in film and theatre, Emma, 36,  passed away last night after a short-lived battle with stomach cancer. Members of the performing family grief today for the loss of one of their most luminous star. Emma is one-third of the popular […]

Singapore Play by Shakespeare

Shakespeare In The Park – Twelfth Night

In 1997, I caught my first Shakespearean play produced by local production company Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) at Fort Canning Park.  The play was Hamlet, starring a much younger Adrian Pang as the lead. My date thought Shakespeare was for poofs but came along anyway as a gesture of courtship goodwill.  By the end of the […]

Andrea De Cruz CINQ salon

Look Incredible On TV – Celebrity Advice By Andrea De Cruz

Once in a while, LIFE throws you such great opportunities that you just grabbed them by the horns and do the best that you can.  Last week, I was invited to go on National Television to present my views as a parent who prefers to send her children to elite or “branded schools”. Eck!! I haven’t had a hair cut […]

Popular Indian Music

Why this Kolaveri Di?

This is THE most popular song in India right now.  It has an extremely catchy tune that seeps into your subconscious and you’ll catch yourself humming to the tune in no time… According to the Wikipedia, Kolaveri Di means “Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?”  It is an Indian song from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film3, which is due to be […]