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Live Puppies and Kittens used as Shark Bait.

Petition: Puppies And Kittens Used As Shark Bait

  I LOVE sharks’ fins soup. Period. No amount of persuasion from sharks advocates will prevent me from consuming my occasional Sharks Fin soup. Except this petition! I am deeply appalled, angered and saddened that human beings can inflict such deliberate cruel treatment on animals.  Such cruelty to animals need a strong collective voice and I’ll like […]

Scam artists festive seasons donations

It’s The Season Of Scams

It’s the season to be jolly.  It’s the season to be giving.  It’s the season to be careful. Careful where you invest your donations, that is. With Thanksgiving just round the corner and the promise of Christmas spirit  filling the halls of shopping centers and blasting from radio stations, no wonder people are feeling more generous […]

Charity Christmas Festive Season

Charity Christmas Stocking

If you’re thinking of doing some charity work this Christmas, here’s something to keep in mind, literally – the ‘MINDS Christmas Stocking Challenge 2011’ What is MINDS? MINDS stands for Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore.  It is a voluntary welfare organisation (VWO) that champions the needs for persons with moderate to severe intellectual ability […]

Girlfriends and Breast Cancer

Every Friday, my daughter Kyana plays with her girlfriends, Hayley and Keira.  This particular Friday, Hayley’s mom and the other mommies in her condominium were heading to the Singapore Breast Cancer Foundation (BCF) to offer a donation.  These mothers had collected over $400 during their recent  Halloween party in honor of their friend, Shin who passed away in 2009 and […]