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Live Puppies and Kittens used as Shark Bait.

Petition: Puppies And Kittens Used As Shark Bait

  I LOVE sharks’ fins soup. Period. No amount of persuasion from sharks advocates will prevent me from consuming my occasional Sharks Fin soup. Except this petition! I am deeply appalled, angered and saddened that human beings can inflict such deliberate cruel treatment on animals.  Such cruelty to animals need a strong collective voice and I’ll like […]

Singapore Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew

Lee Kwan Yew Is NOT Dead

And the man is still very much alive and well!   Minister Mentor Lee Kwan Yew walked into the National Day Parade stadium to a roar of applause from his fans and loyal followers. Rumours that he was ill and may be dead were instantly squashed. Good to know that the mind behind our nation is […]

Minister Mentor Singapore

Lee Kwan Yew Is Dead?

Hey! Did you hear the news? Lee Kwan Yew (LKY) is dead! WHAT?! In the past couple of weeks, rumours of our eminent leader’s death have been rife in the Singapore social media and in the heartlands.  But are these rumours real? Whoever started such rumours (PAP? opposition parties?) and for whatever reasons (to jazz […]

Olympic 2012 London

Getting The Olympic Spirit

I’m not a huge sports fan, but since the Summer Olympics 2012 (27 July to 12 August) is in session, why not get in on the action. On Wednesday, 1 August, we were lucky enough to catch the Singapore vs Japan Olympics Bronze Medal game for the Women’s Singles Table Tennis on TV channel 5.  And […]

Actress Emma Yong

Emma Yong – Another Talented Star Died Too Young

I woke up this morning to the shocking news of Emma Yong’s passing. An established and talented Singaporean actress in film and theatre, Emma, 36,  passed away last night after a short-lived battle with stomach cancer. Members of the performing family grief today for the loss of one of their most luminous star. Emma is one-third of the popular […]

Happy Woman’s Day

Today is International Woman’s Day! I could pontificate about what makes a modern woman or the international women who most inspire me or how far women have come today.  But let’s not bore you with the obvious.  As I meditated on what it takes to be a woman these days, the image of my maternal grandmother pops […]

New Beginnings Reflection

Bye-bye 2011. Hello 2012.

2011 had been an amazing year for us! Earlier in the year, my husband and I had set a simple but clear intention to maintain a state of happiness and be open to the joys that the Universe deem to bestow upon us throughout the year. And boy, did the Universe delivered! No, we did not win the lottery or […]

Design Thinking For Change Kids

Kids changing the world

This weekend, head down to the biggest social initiatives of the year, the Design for Change (DFC) Singapore exposition at SCAPE, level 4 Orchard Link. What is Design for Change (DFC)? DFC is an international programme that reached out to 50,000 schools in 21 countries.  It is a worldwide movement of change where children identify key issues that society faced […]