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Family Attraction LEGOLAND® Malaysia

Theme Parks: LEGOLAND Malaysia Opens

LEGOLAND® Malaysia opens officially today! The first international theme park in Malaysia, LEGOLAND® Malaysia is also the first of its kind in Asia.  The sixth in the world, LEGOLAND® Malaysia sits on 510 000 metre square area (or 76 acres) of land. It features SEVEN themed areas featuring over 40 interactive rides, shows and attractions which you can drive, fly, build and climb your way through.  The theme […]

Live Puppies and Kittens used as Shark Bait.

Petition: Puppies And Kittens Used As Shark Bait

  I LOVE sharks’ fins soup. Period. No amount of persuasion from sharks advocates will prevent me from consuming my occasional Sharks Fin soup. Except this petition! I am deeply appalled, angered and saddened that human beings can inflict such deliberate cruel treatment on animals.  Such cruelty to animals need a strong collective voice and I’ll like […]