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Goodman Arts Centre 2nd Open House 2012

Art Comes Alive – Goodman Arts Centre & Night Festival

Bring your family, kids and friends and MAKE this weekend all about the ARTS at the Goodman Arts Centre and Singapore Night Festival!! Enjoy FREE admission to all programmes, participate in the complementary workshop trials, soak in the stimulating art performances, and revel in the carnival atmosphere and night activities. Goodman Arts Centre 2nd Open […]

Hong Kong Eat and Shop, Eat and Shop

Hong Kong is one of my favourite travel destinations.  I’ve visited it on a budget shopping-cum-partying trip with girlfriends while we were young and single.  I’ve been there as a young professional gathering regional experience, and I returned several years later, this time with kids in tow to visit the newly opened Hong Kong Disneyland. […]

Cheapest Dim Sum In The World

  On my recent trip to Hong Kong, I learned that there was a Michelin Star restaurant in Hong Kong that serves the best and possibly cheapest Dim Sum in the World.  I simply had to check it out. On a bright Sunday morning, my friends and I headed out to Tin Ho Wan (添好運), the famed […]

Where Will Happiness Strike You?

A friend of mine shared this YouTube clip by Coco Cola and I am compelled to share it with all of you.  In celebration of its 125th birthday on May 8th, 2011, Coca-Cola launched an awesome “Where will happiness strike next?” campaign. They converted trucks and buses into Coca-Cola delivery vehicles that dispense doses of “happiness” on the […]

Travel in India: pictorial of Mumbai and Pune

Every year-end, we would take the kids to some far away land like Disneyland in Orlando, or skiing on the Whistler Mountains, Canada for vacations. This year, we decided to help them get in touch with their roots to connect with their Indian heritage. Our 18 days-trek in India covers Mumbai, Pune and Delhi.  We […]

Popular Indian Music

Why this Kolaveri Di?

This is THE most popular song in India right now.  It has an extremely catchy tune that seeps into your subconscious and you’ll catch yourself humming to the tune in no time… According to the Wikipedia, Kolaveri Di means “Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?”  It is an Indian song from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film3, which is due to be […]

Maldives: Heaven on Earth

Everything you heard about the Maldives is TRUE.  It has the bluest skies, clearest seas, softest sand, biggest coral and most gorgeous marine life!  Just a little piece of heaven on Earth!! Maldives is a brilliant country that consists of over one thousand islands!  You heard me, right.  This nation of islands has over 200 resorts […]

Travelling With Kids

At a recent play date, a lively discussion ensued on the best destinations for the upcoming December holidays. It turned into anecdotes of travelling with kids, and quickly became a heated tête-à-tête over whether or not it was possible to have happy and patient kids on trips. At a recent play date, one of my […]